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Earth, Turf, & Snow offers many different landscape services customized to each customer's needs.  If you don't see what you're looking for, always feel free to contact us with any questions.

Lawn Care Mystic CT
Lawn Maintenance
Landscape Maintenance

There is more to lawn maintenance than just mowing the lawn.  Even without fertilizing or any other alterations to your soil, proper mowing can make your lawn much healthier.  Most lawns should be cut at or around 3.5 inches.  With proper mowing, trimming, and edging Earth, Turf, & Snow will have your lawn looking at its prime in no time!

Keeping your gardens beautiful can be a challenge for many homeowners and a part of landscaping that many other companies may not even offer.  We can come by as often as every week or only once a month and anywhere in between to take care of your gardens.  This includes weeding, fluffing of mulch, removing dead growth, removing debris, and fertilizing plantings as needed.   

Spring Cleanup Mystic CT
Seasonal Cleanups

Prepare your property for the next season with a cleanup. Spring Cleanups consist of removing debris from the lawn and gardens, weeding, edging, and mulching of garden beds.  Fall cleanups are also an essential part of taking care of your property, let us take care of removing all those leaves from your property.  We also remove dead growth, cut down ornemental grasses, and clean up garden beds one last time before the snow starts.  

Landscaping in GLP

Been wanting to change the look of your property and what you look out at every day?  We offer total landscape installations or much simpler plantings if you desire.

  • Privacy Plantings

  • Hillside Plantings

  • Foundation Plantings

  • Pool Plantings 

  • Perennial Gardens

  • Annual Flowers

  • Vegetable garden design and installation

Patio Installation

Whether it's a small patio expansion or entire backyard living space you are looking for, Earth, Turf, and Snow has you covered.  Proper planning and preparation are most important for hardscape installations.  We build our hardscapes with the intentions of them lasting for dozens of years of enjoyment.  This means the use of proper base material and compaction, which is key for a long lasting hardscape. 

Sod Installation
New Lawn Installation

​Whether it be a newly constructed home or you're looking to bring your lawn back to how it should look, we can prepare for and install your new lawn.  We offer both the traditional seed and hay method, or for an instant lawn we can lay sod down and your lawn will be lush and green that day.

Brush Clearing Mystic CT
Brush Clearing

Have an area of your yard that has become overgrown or looking to expand your yard?  We can make that area into usable space such as a garden, lawn area, or any other ideas you have for the area.

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